If you followed me on my previous blog, then you will remember that the last few years, I have done a list for the year of things I want to do that year. So with November here, I decided it was time for a review of where I am with this year’s list. Spoiler alert-I’m not very far lol.

  1. Get new living room furniture (this is one of the things I want to save for this year). Nope, not happening.
  2. Have grandchildren for at least one weekend. They’ve spent two weekends with me so far this year.
  3. Have each grandchild for one weekend alone Don’t think this one is going to happen.
  4. Get the pecan tree trimmed (another thing I am wanting to save for)-Done!
  5. Go visit Tasha in Texas at least once. Don’t think this one is going to happen
  6. Find a new purse. I swear, I must be super hard on purses. It’s so aggravating! Done
  7. Go through boxes of pictures. #7 and #8 are repeats from last year. Not yet (and if I’m being honest, probably not)
  8. Go through digital pictures-see #7
  9. Get a futon or sofabed for the back room (this can be new or used; wanting to set up a play/sleep area for when the kids visit)-I have cleared out and organized the back room area for the kids to play in, but no futon or sofabed yet)
  10. Get the painting of Tom framed-not yet (there’s still time…)
  11. Walk a 5k? I am not too sure about this one, lol. I would like to participate in an actual 5K walk, but at the least, I would like to do my own 5K walk. Hahahahaha. NOPE!
  12. Finish cleaning out back bedroom. Yes!
  13. Clean/organize old office area-Not yet.
  14. Do a monthly budget-I’d give this an “ish”.
  15. Choose a glucose tracking app-does it count if I chose it, used it for a while, and then quit?
  16. This is a private one that I may share later.Nope
  17. Get a necklace with my word of the year on it? Nope
  18. Check credit reports-done
  19. Read or listen to one non-fiction book per month (and write them down)-um….no!
  20. Figure out how to help Josh sell his paintings-Well I’ve started a Facebook group, so I’d give this one an “ish” too.
  21. Go back to church-I’ve gone back to church, but I haven’t been the most regular attendee.
  22. Room to grow….(this one is for me to add something that I think of later.


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