January 24 in 24 update:

Category: Self Care

  1. Write 24 (2-4 minutes minimum) a day. Pretty much anything counts, but my  main focus is going to be on working on a book of my poems. I’d say I have done fairly well at doing this. I have missed some days, but for the most part, I’ve written every day.
  2. Post on blog every day. I’ve missed some weekends, but have posted most weekdays.
  3. Move my body each day. This helps me so much with feeling better both physically and mentally. Eh, not so hot on this one.
  4. Daily devotional, prayer journal, one sentence journal. I am starting Year 4 of my 5 Year One-sentence journal. It’s been interesting to look back to the previous years to see what I wrote. I have done this every day.
  5. Get a massage at least once this year
  6. Read everyday. Anything counts, audiobooks, real books, fiction, non-fiction. I have missed some, but have read most days.
  7. Eat two servings fruits and two servings of vegetables each day. Working on it.
  8. Make a daily checklist for self-care. Made my printable checklist yesterday and am already using it today. Been using my checklist.
  9. Check and record morning blood sugar in FitBit app. I’ve checked my blood sugar every day.
  10. Drink at least 64 oz of water each day. Most days

Home Goals

  1. Clean out old office Not yet
  2. Get a new bench or chairs for front porch. No
  3. Clean/organize desk and work area. Not yet
  4. Figure out how to use empty shelves in living room (decorate? Books?). No
  5. Go through totes of old clothes upstairs. No

Family/Relationship Goals

  1. Go to Texas to visit Tasha
  2. Visit Cary’s sons in Missouri
  3. Spend time with kids and grandkids
  4. Get painting of Tom framed. Cary took the painting to Hobby Lobby and had it framed for me.
  5. Plan a special trip with Cary
  6. Have picture made together with Cary
  7. Have a special date with Cary at least once a month

Growth/Personal Goals

  • Poetry book-organize poems into book. Working on it.
  • Make a sign with Word of the Year on it-Finished this yesterday. Going to print it and hang it up in a couple of places where I can see it. I’ll post a picture of it soon. Done.


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