Sometimes the most unexpected things can just flatten you.

This happened to me recently with the visit to the endocrinologist earlier this month. I knew I was struggling, but I am not sure I realized how much until this past weekend.

I had reported the issue to the clinic administrators who assured me that it would be addressed. After not hearing anything for almost two weeks, I emailed last week to touch base and was told I would be receiving a letter from the doctor.

That letter arrived on Friday and a picture of it is attached below. It is definitely not a very sincere “apology”. It reminds me of a 2 year old being made to apologize for taking a toy away from a friend.

After some time to be angry and upset, I have written a letter back to the doctor. I also wrote another letter to the clinic administrators, and attached a copy of their doctor’s “apology” along with the letter I am sending him.

And now I am going to work on letting it go and work on moving forward. This is being done for my own peace of mind and sanity. Cary thinks I am being too nice, and maybe I am. But I know deep down that I am not going to change someone else who is so set in their ways. I can use my time and energy to focus on my  health and on taking care of myself.

Besides the picture of the “apology” letter, I am going to copy and paste the letters that I am sending to the doctor and the clinic administration. That will make this a very long post, but I have been holding everything inside for too long and writing helps me release it. Expect some future posts about weight and body issues in the next few weeks as I work to deal with my feelings and emotions. These issues go back a long way and I have spent too long holding them in.

April 28 th , 2024
Dr. Washburn,
I have received your “apology” letter. Unfortunately, it seems you have missed the entire point of
my complaint. It was not that you hurt my feelings. It was that you did not listen to your patient.
I was trying to explain to you that I had lost about 30 pounds in the last few months and my
blood sugars have continued to worsen instead of getting better.
After I left the room to gather myself, I was going to come back and explain. When we came
back, you gathered your papers, said “We’re done” and left without any further conversation.
That is what upset me. I know my body and I know something is going on. A good doctor would
listen and work with their patient to provide the medical care they need.
I came to the appointment ready to get help for these ongoing issues. I had pen and paper to take
notes and I was going to listen to you. In fact, the advice you gave me about taking the thyroid
medicine an hour before any other medicine has been done everyday since. Your blatant lie that I
said “No one is going to tell me I need to lose weight” was insulting and demeaning.
At this point, I realize that you are stuck in your ways and not willing to listen to and work with
your patients. For my own peace of mind and sanity, I am going to let this go and move forward.
My only hope is that this will somehow touch your heart and maybe help you reconsider how
you listen to patients in the future.
I wish you only the very best.
Tracy Hinton

April 29, 2024
Dear clinic administrators,
This letter is in response to Dr. Daniel Washburn’s “apology” letter referencing my April 8 th ,
2024 appointment.
I am not sure if you are aware of the contents of this “apology”, but it did not address the main
issue and complaint from the visit, which was Dr. Washburn not listening to me about my own
body. I will be attaching a copy of the letter to this email.
There is no doubt that I got very upset that day and even made the comment as I was leaving that
I would be leaving a bad review. I have not done that yet because I was hoping to be able to talk
out the situation and work things out. I wanted to be fair because I know everyone has bad days.
At this point, though, I have realized that Dr. Washburn is set in his ways and unable or unwilling
to listen to his patients and support their care. This should be a huge concern to you as clinic
administrators because it reflects poorly on your clinic and your hospital.
I will be attaching the letter I am mailing Dr. Washburn and a copy of the letter that he sent me to
this email.
Tracy Hinton


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