After my hospital stay earlier this month, I was referred to see a gastroenterologist through Integris in Enid. Much to my surprise, the office called me the same day I came home from the hospital to schedule the appointment. For October 21. Four and half months from when I was released. Ummm….okay.

You may remember that I have already been waiting to see an endocrinologist since April (after my disastrous visit to the one in Enid). That appointment is August 28th.

I am so thankful for Cary. He got on the phone and found a gastroenterologist through Mercy in OKC who could see me right away. The original appointment was scheduled for Monday the 17th, but they were able to get in last Wednesday, the 12th. Apparently there is thickening in my small intestine (which could have been temporary from being sick or could be something more serious). There is also a lump on my side/stomach area that they are not sure what it is. So they want to do a scope and a colonoscopy. When is that scheduled for? Soon, you’d think, right? No. September.

While I was seeing the GI doctor, she mentioned that my thyroid levels being off can cause gastrointestinal issues. Well, that’s just great.

It seems like it is all coming back to my thyroid issues. Which makes sense, the thyroid is kind of the steering wheel of the body. It being out of whack makes everything else out of whack.

Cary got on the phone again and started calling every endocrinologist he could find in OKC and Tulsa and ALL of them were either not taking new patients or booking out by several months. Then he called the one in Stillwater that I was originally referred to and learned they are now accepting new patients again. So he asked them if they were going to be contacting me and they said they’d call early this week. They finally called yesterday and I have an appointment for July 17th. The downside is that the doctor I am seeing is only temporary. But at least this gets me in the door and hopefully make some progress in getting this all figured out. I would appreciate some good thoughts and prayers for this situation. I think until the thyroid issues are straightened out, the rest of the issues are going to be harder (if not impossible) to manage.

This is getting long again, so I will continue my saga on tomorrow’s post.

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