The kids, grandkids, my parents, and I met for lunch on Sunday to celebrate my birthday and Josh’s graduation from college.

My kids got me a Nintendo Classic mini for a combination Mother’s Day/birthday gift. Back when we first got married, Tom and I had a Nintendo, and we spent many weekend evenings playing games together. When the kids got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas one year, I could no longer play because of the 3D effect, it made me dizzy.

So when they came out with the Nintendo Classic with some of those old school games loaded on it, Tom used some Christmas money one year to buy one for us. We again spent evenings playing games together, and even after he passed away, I would spend time playing on it. That one quit working and I had been missing playing on it.

I’m so excited to get this hooked up and play it. Oh, and they got me some wireless controllers so that I wouldn’t have “cords to trip over”. Do my children know me, or what?


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