I think this is the last story from the “dateish”.

At the end of the “dateish”, when he was telling me all the reasons that he didn’t want to date me, he also said something about me having health issues. Um…don’t most people in their 50’s have at least a few health issues?

At the time, I had been having a lot of problems with my heel spurs/plantar fasciitis and also my hips. So doing much walking was a struggle for me. After 2 + years of walking every single day and getting 10,000 plus steps many of those days, this was already very discouraging for me. I did not really need him to point it out to me.

Thankfully, I got some new shoes and some inserts which helped a lot with both the feet and hip pain. Then a trip to the podiatrist and some prescription anti-inflammatory medication and a suggestion for some special socks helped even more. I am currently working on rebuilding my steps back up.

Something kind of funny was a few weeks later, this guy mentioned to me that he was having trouble with his hip and back. I know it’s evil that I found this slightly amusing, but…I kind of did.


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