The kids found this poem after Tom died. He had never showed it to me, I have no idea when he wrote it. It seemed a fitting way to honor our 30th anniversary by posting it today. I miss you every single day, Tom. I’m working hard to be happy (and I am). But my god, I miss you with all of my heart.

Lifelong love song

I’ve tried to write you a love song,

But it just never comes out quite right.

The feelings are so hard to put into words,

They all just come out sounding trite.

I’d like to write you a love song,

And I’ve started several times,

I’ve written down lines, and scratched them out.

I’ve tried with and without rhymes.

So I decided to write you a love poem,

It just comes easier to me,

I hope it doesn’t sound stupid,

And I really hope you can see.

That I’ve tried to write you a love song,

But none of the words will do.

I just hope you can consider our marriage,

My lifelong love song to you.

I love you!


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Mom · December 12, 2022 at 11:15 am

This is so heartfelt and so Tom! And it sounds like him! You were both very lucky to have what you have, just not enough time. He continues on in my heart and memories. Love you both!!

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