Needless to say, after all this, I will not be taking the Ozempic ever again. Had already planned to talk to my PCP about it on my next appointment since I had been so miserable since taking it.

It’s been about 2 ½ weeks since my last injection and I am thankful to say that I haven’t had anymore issues since then. I don’t think I realized how bad I was feeling until I’d been off the medicine for a while.

You might think I was taking the Ozempic for weight loss, as so many people are. I would not have been sad if I had lost weight while taking it, but I did not. My weight stayed about the same over the almost three months I was on it. Right now, my main goal is to get my thyroid issues and blood sugar issues under control and I think everything else will fall in place.

Thankfully, my blood sugar levels have been fairly decent since I was in the hospital. This week, I talked to my doctor about getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor and I hooked that up yesterday. Hopefully it will help me with understanding how certain foods, etc. affect my levels and it will also alert me to lows (which it did twice yesterday).

As I move on through this journey, I will continue to keep posting updates. Just writing the last few days has helped me feel better and stronger and is a reminder that writing is a form of therapy for me. I NEED to do it.

So today I am challenging myself to post everyday this week. Baby steps.


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