Last year on the anniversary of Tom’s death, I went away for a couple of days so I did not sit around the house getting lost in my head.

As I was driving back from that time away, I decided I was ready to consider dating again.

A few weeks later I went on the “date-ish”. Then in November, I joined the Facebook dating site, and thus began the dating adventures and a lot of good stories lol.

I’ve met quite a few scammers, a few weirdoes, and some really nice people. I’ve made some new friends. And I even got my heart broken.

But I haven’t been sorry that I decided to do it. It’s all part of my journey moving forward. I am appreciative of every step I’ve taken and I look forward to seeing where the next steps go.

If you want to read some of the past dating stories, you can check out the Dating in my 50’s category page here.


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