This chair is back in my living room. There’s a story behind the chair’s journeys the last few years.

It was my grandpa’s lift chair. After he passed away, my grandma “loaned” it to my Uncle George. After he passed away, she wanted me to use it. At the time, I was having some trouble with my back and the chair has a “zero gravity” setting that she thought might help me.

I loved the chair. Tom would come in from work and find me snuggled in a blanket and comment on how much I loved the chair. I don’t use the lift feature, but it is a very comfortable recliner.

Then Tom had the open heart surgery in 2019 and the lift chair ended up being a huge blessing for us. It was a comfortable place he could rest and get up and down easily.

Last year, my grandma fell and broke some ribs and needed the chair back. So it was taken back to her. At the time she said “When I die, that chair is to go back to Tracy”. Little did we know that we had less than a year left with her.

So now the chair is back in my living room. Sitting in it makes me think of Tom and Grandmama and it’s like sitting in a hug from them.

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Mom · August 24, 2023 at 8:59 pm

So GLAD you’re getting comfort from it

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