It was March 17th, 2017 when Tom had his first oncologist appointment. He’d had his first PET scan that Monday the 13th.

We met the oncologist, Dr. Thompson for the first time that Friday, just 10 days after the scope that found the tumor. I can remember people making comments about how fast things moved for us, but what they didn’t know was that we’d been trying to figure out what had been going on for over a year. And what we learned on March 17th, 2017 was that it was already too late.

I will never forget the words “Your cancer is treatable, but not curable. This is serious enough that you need to get your end of life affairs in order”. The cancer had already spread from Tom’s esophagus to lymph nodes and adrenal glands and was inoperable.

We made plans to contact a surgeon and get a port inserted for the treatments. Luckily, we had a friend who worked for a surgeon and was able to get Tom in for that the next week. By the end of March, Tom was having his first treatment.


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