Last week, I set a couple of small goals for myself that I hoped would help me move forward past my frustration and upset from the doctor visit last month. The goals had to do with writing a letter back to the doctor and to the clinic administration. Then to work on moving forward for my own peace of mind. I completed and sent off those messages and it has helped. I’ve posted on my blog daily and can feel some of the pressure letting up because I am writing again.

My work team meets on Monday mornings (when we can) to discuss health and wellness goals. Last week, I talked about the plan to write the letters during our meeting.  I created an Action Plan and gave myself deadlines on when I wanted them done by. Setting these little concrete goals for myself really help me to focus on what I need to do. Writing those letters may have seemed like a tiny thing and not worth writing an “Action Plan” on, but it was enough to get me moving forward.

My next goal is to post 30 days of blog posts, which will take me through May 31st. It is a bigger goal since it will take me through the month.

How do you break yourself out of a rut or what kind of big/small goals do you set for yourself?


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