Yesterday, I finished my 11th physical therapy treatment. The therapist did an evaluation on Monday to check my progress. I’ve definitely made good progress and can turn my head and neck better than I could when I started a few weeks after the wreck.

We have four more treatments scheduled through the second week of July, which will bring me up to 15. Apparently my insurance will only pay for 25 treatments a year and she thought I should “save” the rest for later in the year. Technically, the truck driver insurance should eventually pay for the treatments, but in the meantime, I am responsible. So I am going to talk to the lawyer and see what he suggests I do.

I am very thankful for the progress I have made so far. I’ve been very consistent in doing the exercises she assigns. The only time I have missed them at all in the last few weeks was when I was stuck in the airport overnight.

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