What are your thoughts on saying positive affirmations to yourself each day? It is something I have done off and on, but never consistently.

As I was clearing out some bags yesterday, I found this list of affirmations from a class I attended at a conference back in March.

Working on saying positive things to myself is something I’ve done since I read Shad Helmstetter’s book: What to say when you talk to yourself. In it, he discusses how many negative things we hear in a day and how they add up over our lifetimes.

We hear many more negatives than we do positives and it becomes an ingrained part of ourselves.

For example, I can read the evaluations from a class I teach and guess what stands out to me? The one negative comment, even though there were many, many more positive comments.

So I am just wondering if starting to say positive things to myself consistently every day would be helpful. It’s something I’m considering and I am curious what others think of the practice.


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