In one of my recent counseling sessions, the therapist asked me to create a “self-care collection”. When we met yesterday, I asked for some clarification on what she meant. When she said “collection”, I was thinking like a collection of self-care items lol. But  what she meant is that I am supposed to create a list of activities that I consider to be self-care.

  • Time with family
  • Time with a friend/friends
  • Reading a book
  • A hotel room for a night or two
  • Massage (haven’t had one since before COVID)
  • Phone call with loved one
  • Calming music/favorite music
  • Writing (journal, blog post, poetry)
  • Watch motivational videos
  • Watch funny videos
  • Read inspirational quotes
  • Blow bubbles
  • Play with toys (slinky, popper, etc)
  • Deep breathing with Hoberman sphere
  • Listen to a podcast/audiobook
  • Sit outside on front porch
  • Nap

What is on your self-care list?


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