I get these emails from Gretchen Rubin and some days the quotes really speak to me. This was one of those quotes.

Some of the songs that have fixed particular years in my mind are:

(These are not necessarily the year these songs came out, they are just the years that the songs are fixed in my mind)

“Kiss on my List”: 1981 (which for ages I thought was actually “Kiss on my Lips” lol)

“For my Broken Heart”: 1991. Remember distinctly the first time I heard it. It was a few months after my separation from my first husband. It was late at night in the parking lot at Homeland in Enid and I had just got off work. Sat there and cried my eyes out.

“More than Words”: 1992. This was Tom and I’s song. We played it as we walked out at our wedding.

“Ghost”: 2021. It’s funny that a song by Justin Bieber (who Tom could not stand) makes me think of Tom anytime I hear it.

What songs have fixed particular years in your life?


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