I am so thankful for friendships. There are way too many to even start listing them. But the two I want to shout out today are Susan and Judy. I met these ladies when I went to GriefShare two years ago. We’d all experienced the loss of our spouses. We clicked and continued our friendship after the meetings ended.

One of the things I put off in my life is taking care of myself; particularly when it comes to medical tests. For example, my last mammogram was 2016. I know, I know.

Anyway, this year I am trying to take better care of myself. These ladies go to the OU Breast Health Center in Edmond, so I decided to go there. When I made the appointment back in February, I asked them if they would go with me.

My appointment is today. So they are both giving up their day today to go with this big chicken for the mammogram and bone scan appointment. I’m so thankful. There is about a 99% chance that I would chicken out if I didn’t have their support.


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