The second therapy appointment was Thursday evening. I doubt I will post about all of them here, but I wanted to share about this one.

We decided to start with working on coping skills for grief. I had felt like I was doing mostly okay coping with Tom’s loss. Then all the things that have happened in the last few months (my grandma, the wreck, bronchitis, the tooth, etc) have just really knocked me for a loop.

The coping skills we discussed:

  1. Listening to my needs
  2. Self-soothing talk
  3. Self-praise talk
  4. Deep breathing
  5. Recognize that I will feel uncomfortable
  6. Allow myself to cry
  7. Take care of myself (healthy meals and snacks, movement and exercise
  8. Music can be soothing

Out of these, I feel like I am fairly good at self-soothing talk (or at least better than I used to be), deep breathing, allowing myself to cry, I do exercise (the healthy eating…well, it’s a work in progress lol), and listening to music.

What I really need to work on is listening to my needs, self-praise talk, being okay with feeling uncomfortable, and eating healthier.

My next appointment is next Thursday, curious to see where it goes. I think next I want to ask her to help me work through my issues from the wreck. I’ve had a lot of anxiety and had a lot of trouble sleeping.

I’m using this journal to keep notes for my therapy sessions.


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