Today in part 2 of the series talking about weight and body image, let’s talk about the things we say to children about weight.

Many years ago, I heard someone say in a class I was attending that the things we say to our children is what will become their inner voice when they are adults. So if they’re crying and we tell them something like “Big boys or girls don’t cry”, then that’s the message they’ll hear in their head when they are adults. But almost everyone cries, right? And that’s okay. It’s a release of pent-up emotions.

Now let’s think about the messages we tell children about weight. I mentioned some of the messages I had heard in childhood. I didn’t mention one that still haunts me, “Lard-Ass”. A commenter on my Facebook post yesterday mentioned being called “Porky”.

People may think it’s all fun and games and just some “good-natured” teasing, but it hurts. And it becomes a part of us. FOREVER.

My son tells the story of the time he went with his younger sister to visit a grandparent and the grandparent called them “her skinny grandkid and her fat grandkid”.

Here is the bottom line. No one has any right to comment on another person’s weight. Period. Does not matter what their body size is, their weight is NOT your business.

Let’s feed our children (and each other) messages of body positivity and health rather than outer appearance. Our culture is much too focused on our skewed views of what makes a person “attractive”.


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