Reading through the “Try this at home” section in “Life in 5 senses”, I read this section on touch.

It made me think of some of the activities I used to do with the children when I had child care and that I’ve done with my grandchildren.

Cornstarch: if you’ve never mixed cornstarch and water, go do it now. It is such a cool feeling. Try scooping it up with your fingers. It will feel solid in your fingers and then run through them once you lift your hand.

Another thing to try, mix cornstarch with non-concentrated Dawn or baby shampoo. It makes a cool, soft dough.

Play-dough: Even as an adult, I enjoy playing with Play-Dough. My favorite is homemade play-dough while it is still warm. It’s such an amazing sensation in your hands. But even just commercial play-dough is fun to play with. I have a recipe for a Kool-Aid based play-dough that smells so amazing and looks really pretty. It’s hitting three of your senses, touch, smell, and sight.

Textures: what are some of your favorite textures ? I love soft blankets and nothing is more cozy than curling up in the cold with a warm, fuzzy blanket.


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