Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

Last week’s Tuesday To-Do list item for the week was to clean out and de-clutter my kitchen utensils. I had two absolutely crammed full Pampered Chef lazy Susan’s plus a drawer that was crammed full of stuff, much of which I never used.

My original plan was to have a box of donation stuff and a box of stuff to put away in the pantry to see if I used it within the next few months. However, most of the stuff went straight into a box to donate. I did put some extra cutting boards in the pantry to see if I use them or not.

I was able to consolidate everything in the two lazy Susan’s into one of them; the other went into the donation box. I ran everything through the dishwasher. It is amazing how much it opened up my cabinet space to be rid of one of the lazy Susan’s. Wow.

My “Ta-Da” for this week is that I emptied my silverware drawer, ran the holder through the dishwasher and cleaned out the drawer.

This week’s Tuesday To-Do List item is to clean out the cabinet above my microwave. I know there are several things that can be donated in there.


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