Tomorrow is three years since we lost Tom. As the day has approached, I’ve been overwhelmed with memories from those last few weeks.

The memory of laying on our bed together and watching “Knives Out” together on Tom’s birthday that July.

The decision to start on hospice care.

Waking up to find Tom on the bathroom floor where he had laid for hours unable to get up.

Tom falling beside the bed and he and I somehow managing to get him back up on the bed.

Memories of Tom falling and Josh picking up his dad and putting him back on the bed.

The talk we had a few days before he died where I told him I was going to be okay after he was gone. Have tried everyday since to keep that promise.

And finally the memory of waking up that morning in the recliner and knowing immediately that Tom was gone. I remember sitting there not wanting to get out of the chair to confirm what I already knew was true. I knew life would never be the same. And it hasn’t been.


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