Well…I recently did a thing. I learned that Facebook has a dating section on it. Who knew? I mean, probably everyone except me lol. So, I joined. I figured if nothing else, it would give me something to write about on the blog lol!

So here is the first story:

A man, we will call him C, matched with me. His profile said he was from Enid, but then he asked me where my town is? Since I’m only about 25 miles from Enid, I thought that was a  little odd, but okay, whatever. Maybe he’s new in town?

Then C asks me if I drive. Um…yes, I do. I had noticed that his profile said he was disabled, so I’m thinking maybe he doesn’t drive? Anyway, then he asks me if I want his address. I explained that I only meet in neutral and public locations for safety.

So on this Facebook dating site, you have to log into Facebook to read the messages. I have a full-time job, so it was several hours before I saw these messages (I’ve also attached the screenshots):

First response was “I understand”.

Then about an hour later: “Well i have no car and iam disabled safety ian no harm to anyone. iam a good person.

But no worrys

Then about 2 hours after that, I get this: “U wNt a good man but when one cones along u reject him wtf”

Well, okay then. That escalated quickly.

I responded with “I’m not rejecting you. I am being safe and taking care of myself. If you don’t understand that, then we would not have been a good match anyway. Take care and I wish you the best”.

For the record, we never discussed what kind of man I wanted lol. We literally introduced ourselves, then all of this happened.

Well okay then…I can tell this is going to be interesting lol.


Sheridan · November 18, 2022 at 9:57 am

I, for some funny reasons, met a lot of military surgeons who were stationed overseas. Curiouser and curiouser!!!

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