For my first Wellness Wednesday post, I want to talk about the progress I have made over the last couple of months.

I set a goal in August to workout three mornings a week and met that goal. I upped the goal to four days a week for September and am meeting that goal.

I wanted to take baby steps because my body has really struggled since the wreck back in March. As you know, I’ve been sick a lot as well as having issues with some teeth. Top that off with my plantar fasciitis and it’s been hard to exercise.

So I started doing the 7 minute chair workout that I found and have done it consistently for two months now.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a two day training that involved a lot of walking between buildings and got more steps that I have typically been getting the last few months. I was surprised and thankful to find out that my heels did not flare up.

So my next fitness goal for October is to start gradually increasing my steps count.

We have been doing health and fitness goals at work, so I will be creating an action plan for my goal. I will plan to share it next week.

As of right now, my tentative plan is to add a walk around the block to my day three days a week (tentatively MWF, but with flexibility).

What are your wellness goals?


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