Yesterday, I was working at a coffee shop between work visits.

The young man who took my order was joking around with me and then started telling me his philosophy on life-which is that we should enjoy today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Of course, I agreed with him.

As we chatted a little further, he revealed that he had lost both of his parents in 2022. His mom to COPD and his dad to throat cancer. I asked him how old he was and he said 22.

Now I’ve been in this coffee shop several times and interacted and/or watched this young man almost every time. He’s always smiling and friendly and you would never guess the tragedy he’s recently seen and experienced in his life.

This is an excellent reminder that we just never, ever know what other people are going through. Even those who seem to have not a care in the world probably have some deep pain inside of them.

I am reminding myself this morning to be kind and patient with people.


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