The last few years, I have chosen words or phrases of the year.

2020 I was an overachiever and had the “Three Be’s”: Be loving, be thankful, be happy.

2021 was “Rebuild” as I worked to start rebuilding my life after losing Tom.

2022 has been “Healthy”.

After much deliberation, my personal word of the year for 2023 is “Open”

I want to be open to new experiences, new people, my new life. I never thought I would be single or dating in my 50’s, but here I am.

But being open isn’t just about dating. It’s about starting to experience life. I feel like I have kind of fallen into a rut. I work my two jobs, I watch TV, sometimes I hang out with friends. I need to expand my horizons and get out more. Try some new things.

So, here’s to being open in 2023!

I am also choosing a word for my work life and I will write about that in a few days.


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