Saturday morning when I got in my work car to head to Ponca City for our training, the song “More than Words” by Extreme came on. That was Tom and I’s song from the beginning of our relationship and the song we played at our wedding.

Naturally, I sat there and listened and cried.

My friend (who has also lost a spouse) said they’d heard that meant our loved one was thinking of us. With my birthday being Monday, that felt oddly comforting to me.

From the moment I woke up Monday, I was extremely emotional. It’s weird that MY birthday was such an emotional day for me, but I just miss Tom being here to celebrate with me. He always made an effort to help me feel special on my day.

This was my third birthday without Tom and I realized it was the first one I hadn’t spent with my family since it didn’t fall on a weekend. The last two years, we’ve all met to celebrate.

My birthday ended up being a nice day. I took off work early and spent some time with a friend that evening. I couldn’t bear the thought of coming home to an empty house. I’m celebrating with my family this weekend and very much looking forward to that.


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