A few years ago, my food program lady (and friend) gave me this little angel for my car. It was shortly after Tom was diagnosed with cancer. It immediately went in my car (at that time, the Impala).

When I traded in the Impala for the Buick Envision, the angel went into the Buick. After the wreck, that was the one thing I really wanted to get out of my car. Now it is hanging in my new car.

I have thanked God every day that I basically walked away from that wreck. Yes, I’m still having pain (I start physical therapy tomorrow). But I know it could have been so much worse.

Another thing I am very thankful for is my angels (friends and family) who watch over me every day. My son Josh who drove to Blackwell the day of the wreck and picked up at the hospital. Richard, who drove all the way to Pond Creek and then took me back to Enid to pick up a rental car. Then drove here and drove me to Ponca City to pick up my new car on Saturday. Judy, who drove to Enid and brought me medicine the day after the wreck, Susan who brought me a “love gift”. Judy who picked me up after dropping off the rental car and then she and Susan brought me home to Pond Creek. Then all of those who offered help and assistance and prayed for me.

There is not a doubt in my mind that I am blessed with the best family and friends. Thank you all.


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