I think it’s a sign you’re getting older when medical people start saying things like “At your age…” followed by whatever news they’re delivering. Recently, I had blood work done to check my thyroid levels and really expected them to have to adjust my thyroid medicine again (which they did not). Of course, they checked other stuff too and found my Vitamin’s D and B12 are low again. They were low in early 2021, and the doctor put me on some prescription Vitamin D and had me start taking OTC B12. When they were checked earlier this year, they were good and she told me I could stop taking them. Anyway, when I talked to the nurse this week about the results and I expressed surprise at the being low again, she said “At your age and with going through menopause, you will probably be dealing with this the rest of your life”. This was followed by talking about brittle bones and osteoporosis. Well, gee, that’s great news, thanks. I don’t feel old at all, lol.

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Rae · October 28, 2022 at 2:58 pm

😘 Being Gmama’s granddaughter with that attitude think you’re FINE!!

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