Today I just want to remind you to check on people. Just touch base and reach out. You never know who is hurting and what is truly going on in their lives or their heads. While this is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year”, the reality is that is not true for everyone. It may not even be true for most people.

The holidays are stressful on so many different levels. There is the financial stress, the emotional stress, family drama, grief. The list goes on and on. Just remember that not everyone processes or deals with these things in the same way or what you may consider “the best way”. Be kind and compassionate with others. Be patient with them. Allow them time to talk and process their feelings.

The holidays have been hard for me since my brother was killed on New Years 1987. The last time I remember being truly excited about Christmas was 1986. I am not saying I never enjoyed Christmas and we didn’t have wonderful holidays, because we did. But it’s never felt the same again. Now with Tom gone, it’s harder in a new and different way.

So, just remember to be gentle with people.


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