Here is the next installment in the first “date-ish” story.

As we are talking at one point during the day, this guy makes the comment that he wants someone who will have supper on the table for him when he gets home from work.


If you know me, then you know this is a rarity lol.

“Excuse me sir, but the 1950’s are calling and they want their outdated belief system back”.

Here’s the thing-I am a very good cook. I cooked two meals and a snack every day for 25 years for multiple children. I cooked supper for my family most nights for decades. It was rarely my favorite thing to do, but I did it because I wanted to, not because I was expected to.

I’m a widow in my 50’s now and cooking for just myself kind of sucks. For the first year or so after Tom died, I survived mostly on pot pies and frozen pizzas. I have started cooking for myself more now, but again, it’s because I want to, not because I am expected to.

Since I doubt this guy will ever read this, I am just going to ahead and say that I think I may have solved the mystery of why he’s still single. It was a real head scratcher and I feel like a regular Miss Marple for having figured it out lol.

There are a few more things from that day that I may write about later, but I haven’t decided yet.

I do want to be fair and say that I was extremely nervous that day and I am guessing I said some stupid stuff as well. So it’s fair to say that he was probably nervous too, and maybe things did not come across in the best way. Since we have known each other for a long time, I have still been talking to him, but I do not expect to be going on any further dates.


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