This is a poem I wrote a few weeks before Tom died in August 2020. I realize today how very important it is to savor those moments you get with those you love. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

When we first learned Tom was sick and that is illness was more than likely terminal, we made a commitment to each other to focus our attention on enjoying the time we had together-no matter how long that time might be.

We knew that really no matter what, you just never know how much time you have left with your loved ones. Realizing this changes your whole view of life.

Savor Every Moment

I want to savor every moment,

That I have with you.

I want to hold you close,

And tell you how much I love you.

I want to hug you close,

And wish this nightmare away,

I want to kiss you again,

Each and every day.

I want to make sure,

That you know how much I care.

I want to spend this time,

Opening my soul up bare.

I want to look into your eyes,

And wish this time would last,

I don’t want to spend my time,

Regretting the past.

You are the one I love,

And you will always be,

I want to savor every moment,

Until you have to leave.

Picture from our 2005 Las Vegas trip. Tom looked right at home on the motorcycle. I always thought I looked a little ridiculous lol.

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Mom · December 10, 2022 at 2:06 pm

Good, heartwarming memories. Love the photo and agree with your assessment. °😇

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