Around this time in 2017,  Tom and I were making plans to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. He had been dealing with the cancer since March and was doing pretty well at the time. Now it’s almost December 2022 and our 30th anniversary is approaching. We will be celebrating with Tom in spirit only.

After Tom passed away, the hospice chaplain encouraged me to make a plan to get myself through the holidays and our anniversary. I’ve done that the last two years and planning to do it again this year.

We had our Thanksmas (Thanksgiving and Christmas together). Then I made plans with the kids to meet in Norman on December 11th to honor Tom and I’s 30th anniversary. Haven’t decided for sure yet what I will be doing Christmas weekend. But I will have the grandkids here the week before and the week after Christmas, so that will keep me busy.

The holidays have long been a struggle due to losing my brother on New Year’s. Now as we enter the third holiday season without Tom, I work on looking for the things to be thankful for and focus my attention there.

If you’re going through a tough time this holiday season, please feel free to reach out to me. I’ll listen and I’ll pray for you. Thank you to all those who listen and pray for me.


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