I had a doctor’s visit and bloodwork this week to refill my meds. I knew my blood sugar levels were way off. My blood sugars have been high, regardless of what I eat and that’s been rather frustrating.

What surprised me was that my thyroid levels had gone way, way high. Over the last few years, I have kind of bounced back and forth between two dosages on my thyroid medicine. It would get low and she’d decrease the meds and then it would get high and she’d increase. But it had gone way, way high since my last bloodwork back in  October. Which I guess explains why I have felt pretty much like poo most of the time lately. So she has doubled my dosage and I will have to get it rechecked in 3 months and hopefully it will have leveled out by then.

She has me increasing my insulin a bit over the next couple of weeks to see if that will help with the blood sugars.

Still waiting on the Vitamin D results to come back, so don’t know how those levels are.

Did some investigating and apparently thyroid levels can affect blood sugar, which doesn’t surprise me since thyroid pretty much controls your whole system. And of course, stress affects blood sugars and we all know I’ve been a bit stressed lately, ha!

Anyway, would appreciate some good thoughts and prayers that this will all level out and I’ll feel better and have more energy. Because I am going to need it!

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