Here is my February 23 for 23 check-in.

  1. Word of the year necklace. I had this on my list this year, but never did it. I’ve actually already ordered one from Etsy. It’s two-sided. One side will have the word “Open” and the other side will have the word “Joy”. Excited to see how it turns out. Got my necklace and love it!
  2. Figure out how to put my writings about Tom into a book format. Haven’t done much on this in the last month.
  3. Make sure I have saved all my posts from the old blog. Haven’t done much on this either
  4. Save Caring Bridge journal entries Completed on 1-16-23
  5. Gather up all my writing about Tom into one folder on the computer. Think I’ve finished this, although I may come across some more to add.
  6. Create twelve new classes for work. Well I haven’t fully created a new class this month, but I’ve worked on a couple of different new ones plus worked up updating some others.
    1. Let’s get Digital
  7. Go through boxes of pictures (maybe if I put it on the list enough years, I will actually get it done lol)
  8. Go through digital pictures (again…maybe if I put it on my list enough years?)
  9. Go visit Tasha in Texas
  10. Go to Las Vegas
  11. Post daily on website. Well, not every day, but most days.  
  12. Get new living room furniture (repeat from last year)
  13. Move my body each day. I haven’t done that well on this recently.
  14. Go outside 23 in 23. Yeah, haven’t been doing great on this one either. Partially due to weather, partially just because I’ve been feeling “eh”.
  15. Read each day. Most days.
  16. Visit 23 new places (or places I haven’t visited in a long time-part of being open to new things)
  17. Eischens
  18. Heart in the Park in Tonkawa
  19. Read/listen to one non-fiction book per month and write about them on the website-currently listening to The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown.
  20. Present over Perfect (January)
  21. Get the painting of Tom framed
  22. Clean/organize old office
  23. Have grandkids visit at least once
  24. Have a day or weekend with each grandchild individually
  25. Go through totes upstairs
  26. Post recorded readings of some of my poems on TikTok


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