Five years ago today, Tom was in open heart surgery. They had found a benign myxoma tumor on his heart. At first, the doctors were hesitant to do surgery (because of Tom’s cancer and recent diabetes diagnosis). When they learned that just a few days before, he had been at work and had worked full-time throughout his entire illness, they realized he was stronger than they realized. I think they saw diabetic with Stage 4 inoperable cancer on paper and immediately thought he would not be strong enough for surgery.

I even remember the first surgeon telling him that it might be best if the myxoma broke loose and killed him instantly than dying from the cancer. Needless to say, neither of us liked that guy lol. But thankfully he was leaving on vacation and we got someone else that we both really liked and who believed Tom would be just fine.

That surgery gave us another 16 months with Tom and we were never sorry we had it done.

This is a picture of Tom a few hours after the surgery with his Heart  Hospital teddy bear. I still have that teddy bear and I slept with it every night for a long time after he died.


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