It’s Fun Friday! I am super excited today about a weekend at home with nowhere I HAVE to go! Hoping I can catch up on some rest after a long week following the time change.

Tomorrow will be six months since Cary and I became “official”. Being in a new relationship at this age has it’s own challenges, but each day I am thankful to have found someone who loves me and accepts me for who I am. The way he has accepted my never ending love for Tom has just been such a blessing.

I already shared that he took the painting that Josh did of Tom and got it framed. I have a Rickenbacker guitar that was Tom’s favorite guitar and the only one of his musical instruments that I kept for myself. Cary has suggested that we have a case built for it so we can put it on display. Not sure if/when we will be able to get it done, but the idea just touched me so deeply.

Quite different from my experience with my first “date-ish” (you can read about that in my Dating in my 50s section). He asked me if I still had pictures of my husband in my house. Of course I do. It’s not like we divorced. He died and I will always love him and I will always, always, always have pictures of him in my home.

Tom knew since I was so young when he died that I might eventually have a new relationship. I told him then that anyone I was with would have to accept that I would always love Tom. Thankfully I have found that with Cary.

Well, I went off on a rabbit trail here lol. Back to the topic of the day, what are your Fun Friday and/or weekend plans?


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