My goals for the week of July 3rd:

  1. Continue working on my second set of 30 days of blog posts.
  2. Work on the book 3-5 mornings a week
  3. Exercise 3-5 mornings
  4. Do a small task in the house each day.

Below is my update on this week’s goals:

Goal progress from week of June 26th:

  1. Continue my second set of 30 day blog posts: I’m at around 45 days now
  2. Work on the book 3-5 mornings a week. Did this four mornings
  3. Exercise 3-5 mornings Did this four mornings

My new goal for this week was to do some stuff around the house. I didn’t get all that I had planned done, but I got more done than I have been. So here’s my “Ta-Da”  list of what I accomplished lol.

  1. Swept/mopped the kitchen
  2. Did some organizing on my work desk
  3. Cleared some stuff off my table
  4. Cleared out a little bit of clutter


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