I had a work meeting in Oklahoma City last week Tuesday-Thursday. As soon as it was over, I headed down to see my grandmother who had been put on hospice care earlier in the week. Shortly after I arrived, she passed away.

Let me tell you about my grandma. She was 100 years old. She was an amazing, strong person who had run circles around all of the rest of us for years. She mowed her own yard into her 90’s. She quilted and gardened. She loved all of us with her whole heart.

December 2021 when I went to visit her one weekend, she was rearranging furniture in the living room when I got there because she wanted to put up her Christmas tree. I had brought lunch and we ate, then I told her to tell me what she wanted moved and I would move it. She informed me “You’re not moving that by yourself.”. I just looked at her and said “What? Why not?” She replied “Because you might hurt yourself”. I said “You mean it’s okay for YOU to move it by yourself, but not for me?”. Hahahahaha. That’s just how my grandma was.

There are so many wonderful memories growing up and spending time at her house. She had a children’s illustrated Bible story book that I would sit and read for hours. She had all these cool purses and I would look through them and play with them and borrow them. She helped me learn how to cook. She TRIED to teach me how to sew, knit, and crochet. Unfortunately, those lessons never took lol.

She may have been 100 years old, but I still wasn’t ready to let her go. I’m going to miss you, Grandmama. I have said for a long time that when I grow up, I want to be like my Grandmama. If I am half the amazing person she was, I will be so lucky.

My sister and I with Grandmama at her 100th birthday party


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