Today I went to see the new Disney movie “Haunted Mansion”. It was cute and I definitely recommend it.

But it also had a couple of surprisingly emotional parts.

One of them was when they talked about “Grief Winks”. That’s when you see a sign from someone you’ve lost. It will be different for each person. Yours might be a dragonfly, a cardinal, a butterfly, or something specific to the person you’ve lost.

For me, one of my first “grief winks” was just a few days after Tom died. Tasha was still here and she and I were out for a walk. A butterfly kept fluttering around me and I joked to her “It’s probably Dad letting me know he’s okay”. Then throughout the next several weeks (even well into the fall), I saw butterflies quite frequently.

Another grief wink was a couple of days before my birthday when I got in my work car and “More than Words” by Extreme (which was our song) was playing.

Do you have any grief winks that you want to share?


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