On Saturday, I had been to see a movie in Tonkawa. I was going to go to the park in Tonkawa and use their walking trail after the movie.

When I was getting ready to leave the theater, I remembered seeing about the heart labyrinth in Tonkawa. So I decided to look it up and go visit it.

When I first arrived, there was a mom and daughter there, but they left shortly after I arrived. So I had the whole place to myself.

I walked around the park and I walked the labyrinth. There was also a lovely gazebo there and I spent some time sitting there with my thoughts.

If I remember right, this is the only heart-shaped labyrinth in the world. The labyrinth was really cool. All around were little blocks with historical facts from Tonkawa. This was my second visit to a labyrinth.

The first time was at Mercy Hospital in OKC and their prayer labyrinth. One of the times that Tom was in the hospital there, I found the prayer labyrinth and walked it, praying the entire time.

I was doing the same thing yesterday, praying as I walked the labyrinth. It was just an extremely peaceful and calming experience.

If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. I will definitely be going back to spend more time there.

Did not really feel like this picture did it justice.

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Rae · February 5, 2023 at 3:22 pm

sounds like a wonderful experience. Glad you did it!

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