I cannot believe that I woke up this morning and it is December. The last month of 2023. This year has seemed really long at some points and yet has flown by, too.

The last few weeks, I have struggled to maintain my routines of moving my body and writing/posting regularly. The reason (or excuse?) is that I have had a lot of blood sugar issues (especially lows). The lows usually affect my sleep patterns (I tend to wake up in the middle of the night with lows). As we all know, not getting enough sleep is very important. In addition, the lows just knock me on my butt for at least a day afterwards.

The way I am handling the low blood sugar issues is to make sure I eat something right before I go to bed (whether I think I need to or not).

As we begin the final month of this year, I will be turning my mind to planning for 2024. But for now, I want to concentrate on the month in front of me. It’s never too late or too early to make positive changes in our lives.


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