As you know, I have been doing online therapy sessions. One of the things that we have been working on is interrupting negative thought processes.

Working on what I say to myself is something that I have been working on for a while, ever since I read Shad Helmstetter’s book “What to say when you talk to yourself” a few years ago.

These things are so ingrained and often I do not even realize I am doing it.

One of the things that I have caught myself saying to myself a lot lately is “I’m tired”. So I have been working on stopping that automatic process and saying things like “I feel good and I am full of energy”.

Try it yourself. When I say “I’m so tired” to myself, my shoulders slump and I feel kind of droopy. But if I say “I feel good and I am full of energy”, I find myself standing up a little straighter and smiling and feeling a little better.

It may seem silly, but try it for yourself and see what you think.


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