I just finished listening to my first non-fiction book for this year. It was called “Present over Perfect: Leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living” by Shauna Niequist.

The book is about the author’s journey to slowing her life down and spending more time enjoying it rather than rushing through it.

I felt this book to my very core. One time Tom said to me “You just always have to be busy”. The guy I’m seeing now calls me a “busy girl”.

Often I feel like I have to be going non-stop. I think it’s to quiet the noise in my head. If I sit around too much, I have too much time to think.

It took me months after Tom died to be okay with being alone in the house on the weekend. I literally found somewhere to go or something to do almost every weekend because it was so hard to be home alone.

Eventually I got to where I was okay with being home on the weekends and even enjoyed it. However, I still try to find ways to stay “busy” all the time.

I listened to this book on audio. I would like to get a copy of it to read and highlight some of the passages.

If it sounds like something that might benefit your life, I suggest finding and reading this book.


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