It can be a challenge to learn new things.

For quite some time, I have had the idea to edit and post some of my webinars on YouTube.

Our agency created a YouTube channel and I started working on figuring it out.

 Let me tell you, it has been an experience! There have been some colorful words spoken and a lot of frustration!

I talked to other people about it and they used words I did not understand, lol, and I watched some YouTube videos on it and did some reading on it.

It took quite a bit of time (probably much more time than it should have lol), but we now have three webinar recordings posted. They’re not perfect, but I feel so good about sticking with it and figuring it out.

Tackling and figuring that out has given me hope as I have worked on this new website. Again, there have been a lot of frustrations and colorful language, but I keep working at it. As I am writing this, my new website is still a work in progress, but I will get it figured out!


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