I think sometimes about how grief just changes how you experience everything in life. I had a great time visiting my family this weekend. However, trips like these are often also filled with memories of past trips with Tom.

I was thinking about the first time I took Tom down to meet my family. Everyone really liked him right away. I remember making the comment to him that he didn’t have much to beat lol. Which in retrospect, probably wasn’t the nicest thing to say. Ha. Luckily, he already knew me well enough by that point to get my sense of humor.

Sitting in my grandma’s living room this weekend, I thought a lot about all the times we went down there to visit, including one of the last trips we made. My grandma thought Tom was pretty special (and of course she was right).

She and Tom shared a birthday and I think he felt so honored to have his birthday be on the same day as hers lol. He almost always make sure that we called her first to tell her happy birthday.

Grief is a part of life, but it sure does suck. But feeling grief, I know I’ve loved and been loved. So I can be thankful for that.


Rae · November 15, 2022 at 2:44 pm

Tom always had such a calming presence and could put things in perspective with his dry sense of humor. Love that man!
Enjoyed the weekend! Especially Saturday night.

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