Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s Motivation Monday post is going to be part one of a review of my 2023 Word of the Year.

This is the fourth year that I’ve chosen a word or phrase of the year.

2020 was: “Be loving, be thankful, be happy”. It was a constant mantra to myself as I went through that very difficult year of COVID and losing Tom.

2021 was “Rebuild” as I worked to rebuild my life after losing Tom.

2022 was

2023, I chose a word for my persona life and one for work. My personal word was “open” and my work word was “joy”.

As is typical for me, both words crossed over a lot this year as the line between work and personal life often gets blurred.

Today I’m going to review my work word “joy”.

I had no idea how much I would need this word. If you know me, you know I absolutely love my work. But this year brought some interesting challenges that seemed overwhelming at times. I think a lot of it exacerbated by the stuff going on in my personal life (losing my grandma, the wreck, health/tooth issues.)

But as I went through the year, when I would feel stressed out and overwhelmed, I would remind myself of the joy that my job brings me. Getting to work with child care providers in our region to support them, the fabulous people that I work with, and the blessings that come with the job  (the work car, getting to work at home when I’m not out in the field, sick/personal leave). I’ve been especially thankful for that sick/personal leave this year with the wreck and health issues. After being self-employed for so many years, it is wonderful to be able to be paid when I can’t work.

Next week, I will review my personal word of the year. I’m working on deciding on my 2024 word/words and will be announcing my decision soon.


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