A few weeks ago, our work team decided to start setting health and wellness goals.

My first one was to get my eyes checked. It had been almost three years and I had no excuse. I’ve had eye insurance since December 2021. I just kept putting it off.

Being diabetic, it is important that I keep up with my eye health. Also, I knew I had cataracts developing which will need to be monitored.

Thankfully, I had good news all around. My eye health is good, no signs of macular degeneration (it runs in my family), no diabetic eye damage, and my cataracts are not to the point where they are seriously affecting my eyesight (I can still see 20/20 with glasses).

My prescription had changed; some for the better, some for the worse.

All in all, a great visit and I liked the eye doctor I chose in Enid.

And here I am sporting my new glasses.


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