I have had plantar fasciitis for years, I would say for over twenty years at least. I also have bone spurs in my heels (both on the bottom and in the back). When I first had the issues, I went to a couple of podiatrists in Enid. The first one gave me a shot in the heel that did not help at all-in fact it made it much, much worse. My theory has always been that maybe he hit a nerve when he did the shot. I switched to a different podiatrist who ended up prescribing some prescription orthotic inserts which eventually gave me some relief. Over the years, it would flare up occasionally and I would go back to wearing the prescription orthotics and then eventually switched to using the Dr. Scholl’s kiosk at Wal-Mart that scans your feet and tells you what you need.

I’d had very little trouble with my heels for quite a while and had in fact walked every single day for over two years until they flared up again last spring. Now, I did not care for any of the podiatrists I had seen in Enid and when I checked, it was all still the same ones and so I put off going at all. The heels kept getting worse and worse; to the point where many days I could barely walk by the end of the day. Ponca City and Enid Wal-Marts no longer had the Dr. Scholl’s scanners, but Stillwater did, so when I was in Stillwater, I scanned my feet. The ones I needed were out of stock, so I had to order them. Once they came in, I put them with my new shoes and hoped they would help. They did help some, but not as much as I had hoped. I had a friend who had recently seen a podiatrist in Bartlesville and since I go over there for work from time to time, I set up an appointment to see her. So far I really like her, but I did not care for what I learned when I was there lol. I have flat feet, plantar fasciitis and HUGE bone spurs (this was not news to me). However, I also have tendinitis in my Achille’s and arthritis in both of my feet, oh and a hammer toe. Not even sure what the heck a hammer toe is, but it cannot be good lol. She wanted to give me a shot, but since I have been getting my blood sugar under control and the shoes/inserts were helping, I asked her to hold off. She prescribed some anti-inflammatory meds and suggested I get some plantar fasciitis socks. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I have to say that I have made some improvements. I was able last week to do workouts three mornings, plus did some walks around the block. I had some pain, but nothing unbearable. I have a follow-up appointment in November, but she told me if I was doing better, I could cancel it. It looks like I may be able to cancel it.

I am thankful to have found a podiatrist I like and to have some relief from my feet pain so I can work on getting back to walking. The walking and movement helps keep me sane!

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Ann Bollman · October 25, 2022 at 10:50 am

I have many feet problems. It is most worisome. So glad you found some relief and a podiatrist you like.

    tracy.hinton@gmail.com · October 25, 2022 at 11:06 am

    Ann, I know it’s quite a drive to Bartlesville, but I would say it’s very worth it. It’s so miserable when your feet hurt!

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