On vacation in 2013, Tom and I went to see a Price is Right Live show. We had purchased tickets to see the show when it was going to be in Newkirk and then I also won tickets to a show in El Reno, so we got to go twice.

It was so much fun! Neither of us were called to “come on down”, but we enjoyed the shows.

The Price is Right has always been one of my favorite games shows, since I was a child. I remember watching Bob Barker give someone $100 for guessing the exact price on an item. I remember saying something like “If I had $100, I could buy ALL the toys in the world”. Took me years to figure out why my mom thought that was so funny lol. FYI, now instead of $100 for guessing the exact price, people get $1000. Talk about inflation.

We usually took our vacation time around Tom’s birthday. So this time of year, my Facebook memories are full of some of the things we did on those days. It reminds me how blessed I was to have that time with Tom.


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